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Our mission

To support your commitment by combining simplicity and

Because you're doing a great job!

Because you, your co-workers, your members, donors and volunteers are committed and passionate every day about a great cause. And for the last 20 years we at adfinitas have been meeting your communication and fundraising needs. Our culture and our approach is very straightforward: to be effective, accessible and provide a return on investment... We are re not claiming to do anything other than what we set out to do, but what we do, we do very well.

Join us on our path and challenge us....

We are a team of 60 employees that is exclusively dedicated to the marketing of great causes.

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Our mission

To engage with your supporters and optimise donations by ensuring the best return on investment.

More than fundraising...

At adfinitas, we believe there is more to fundraising than setting up fundraising campaigns.

In our 20+ years of experience as one of the major players working for charities and nonprofits, our accumulated experience in the three countries where we are present has led us to conclude that the power of a brand and marketing, a good understanding of the target audience combined with next-generation 'profiling' tools are the true guarantee of success.

We have developed 7 fields of expertise to provide the best possible response to your challenges.

  • branding & communication
  • marketing
  • digital
  • data
  • legacies
  • philanthropy
  • buying

of intervention

Communication and Branding

  • Strategic positioning (brand message, brand values, brand territory)
  • Audit and optimisation of your brand power (reputation, image, preference, and judgements)
  • Research and redesign of your visual identity (logo, brand identity)
  • Press relations, public relations (PR)
  • Video (TV, online), press releases
  • Public engagement, events
  • Tool production (newspapers, flyers/brochures)
  • Media plan

of intervention


  • Concept design / creation of mailings
  • Multiannual budget
  • Implementation of telemarketing campaigns (selection and monitoring of call centres, script creation)
  • Surveys
  • Donor lifecycle (LTV)

of intervention


  • Design and creation of online campaigns
  • Multiannual budget
  • Website redesign
  • Implementation of multi-channel telemarketing campaigns
  • Leads generation
  • Qualified traffic generation, i.e, SEO, SEA, Native Advertising, RTB, Display

of intervention


  • LTV
  • Scorings
  • Media plan
  • Custom marketing selections

of intervention


  • Testator relation audits
  • Creation of communication tools
  • Media strategy
  • Coaching

of intervention


  • Audit
  • Formalisation of fundraising project
  • Target definition and collection territory
  • Effective argumentation
  • Training and support

of intervention


  • Tendering for the selection of suppliers
  • Online & offline production and billing
  • Pooled procurement

Clear commitments

To better support your performance



We solely offer services that match our competences and recruit specialists in their own field. We only promote and implement skills in which we excel.



Our clients are free to select all or just part of the services we provide. We adapt to your organisation and its structure.



We stick to the goals we set, even exceeding them: our performance rate (R/O) fluctuates between 90% to 120%.



We adapt to your wishes and current needs. We are also always available to assist you at short notice in case of an emergency and will tailor your programme to reflect changes in strategy and objectives



We like to work hand in hand with our clients in the interest of the causes they champion. To this end we share our knowledge, news stories, information, and the market research that we have at our disposal.

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